Rain Gardens Stewardship Program!

This year, the Department of Environmental Protection is piloting a new program with our block allowing increased community participation in rain garden planting and upkeep.

As you may recall, in past years, the gardens were bad shape, because the contractor assigned to develop and plant them was doing the minimum required to avoid getting penalized by the city under the contract (i.e. barely anything). Now, the contractor has exited the two-year contract period and the DEP has retaken responsibility for the gardens and is going to test involving the community with our block. Here are is some basic info.

April 10, 9 am:

Training for Chauncey Street Rain Garden Liaisons. Come learn to help manage the program with the DEP’s Benjamin Basillas-Taxis, DEP Community Coordinator.

April 20, morning:

Planting day with assistance of DEP. Come on over and help plant!

Our plants will be supplied by the DEP, including:

Asclepias incarnata

Carex flacca


Nepeta faassenii

Liriope muscari

Juncus effesus

Aronia melanocarpa

Pycnanthemum muticum

Julian Darwall