Congrats to Bainbridge & Marion!

Our two-blocks-away neighbors on Bainbridge between Saratoga and Ralph got on the podium with a third-place finish in the Greenest Block in Brooklyn Competition! Well done, Bainbridge. 

Let's go to the game tape.

(1) Leadership. They are lead by the youth. Their block association co-presidents are both under 18. 

(2) Strategy. They keep it simple and double down on what works: lots of colorful, hardy annuals that get big and spread (read: coleus and sweet potato vine) and a ton of sidewalk planters sourced from the Brooklyn Terminal that are both good looking and budget friendly.

(3) Execution. I heard they know who is watering which plants and when.

Our next-block neighbors Marion between Thomas Boyland and Rockaway also took home an Honors prize.

Roll the tape.

(1) Communication.  If you've ever accidentally made your way onto their group text thread, you know that when someone waters their whole row, they text. Impressive.

(2) Commitment. Lucy and the squad are driven. They play with heart. Can't take that away from them.

(3) Planning. They have a tub of bulbs out on the street for next year. They are months ahead of the game. That's how you build a winning program.

Julian Darwall