Greenest Block Update.

Listen, team. What is a greenest block? Is it the block with the most plants? The richest soil? 

Or is it the block where Nasir always asks you if you need help weeding and Brandon and Justin always pitch in with watering between games of tag and various lemonade stand marketing ventures? Isn't it the block where Miss Hattie keeps a watchful eye on her hostas, Miss Sweet's hydrangeas bloom blue, and Hardley's daffodils never fade from their unrelenting yellow? Where the proud roses at the front of block get watered by four different people, but it gets done, more or less? Where we'll have to replace the hanging plants a few times because, ya know, trial and error--but isn't this--I ask you--the greenest block? 

That said, congratulations to our dear neighbors on Marion Street between Thomas Boyland and Rockaway and Bainbridge between Howard and Saratoga for reaching the semi-finals. Thanks for all the hard work you put in! Now go take out Stuyvesant Street.

Julian Darwall