Planting morning, May 19th!

It's time for our first block-wide spring planting morning. As you've noticed, we have ten new planters on the South side of the block, each with arborvitae shrubs. Because people were feeling them, we were able to raise funds to do the same thing on the North side.* The new planters are urn-style, with a crushed natural-stone finish, and filigreed embellishments. 

We'll be planting the first five of the Northside planters with evergreen "sky pencil" holly surrounded by accents like marigolds, rosemary, sweet potato vine, coleus, and thyme. If we have time, we'll also work on some rogue tree boxes.

Where/when: 9 am, middle of the block. 

Bring: yourself, work clothes and gloves, garden trowel, a healthy sense of humor about potential critiques of your planting technique by Miss Hattie.

*Thank you to: Yvette and Marie, Ade Or., Miss Shirley, Damon, Rosana, Veenerick (Fox) & Katherine, and Amelia!

Julian Darwall