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We're working hard to make our block beautiful and hope you'll join in the effort to bring plant life to our community. We recently won a Citizens Committee of New York grant and want to pass that money on to you! Apply for a grant for your front yard here or request a free rose bush (yup!).

How can I participate?

The easiest thing to do is start with your front yard. Move the trash cans to the side and add plant life. If you want planting advice or assistance, we're happy to help and are offering front-yard improvement grants! Click here to apply.

You can also join one of our planting mornings, which are held on weekends in the spring and summer, or donate below to our beautification fund. 

What if I don't have anywhere to plant? 

The Block Association can pitch in with raised planting beds, sidewalk planters, ordering soil, and even breaking up concrete to allow room for plants. Just let us know or apply for a grant.

What should I plant?

It's up to you! We recommend hardy drought-tolerant plant species, especially if you don't have a water source in the front of your house.

We recommend a visit to Deborah at Seasons nursery in Bed-Stuy, Kings County Nursery, or Home Depot on DeKalb. Mix in some perennials that will keep coming back each year!

What resources does New York City offer?

The city offers resources for homeowners to request trees. Take a look at their street tree planting assistance program here or contact 311 to request assistance with the rainwater gardens. Also check out Grow NYC's spring plant sale.

Can you help me pay for or take care of plants? 

Yes! Let us know what you need to get started, and we'll work something out. You can apply for a front-yard grant here.

How do I plant?

This video is a solid guide to basic planting techniques. Don't forget to dig a big enough hole, break up the root ball, and use fresh soil. You can learn more here.