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Community Board

Bed-Stuy has an active community board which supports an array of committees, including on arts, economic development, seniors, education, safety, veterans' issues, transportation, and religion. You can get involved by attending a meeting or contacting CB3 directly.

CB3 Information

Brooklyn Community Board 3
1360 Fulton Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Phone: 718-622-6601
Fax: 718-857-5774
Email: bk03@cb.nyc.gov

Chair: Tremaine Wright
District Manager: Henry Butler
Board Meeting: First Monday, 7:00pm
Cabinet Meeting: Fourth Thursday, 9:30am

Policing Community Council

500 CSBA is Sector A of the 73rd Police Precinct.  The Precinct has regular community meetings. To learn about these, please contact Community Affairs at the 73rd precinct.

Our Neighborhood Coordination Officers are:

NCO Supervisor, Sgt. Yancy Blowe Yancy.Blowe@nypd.org

PO Sean Dolan Sean.Dolan@nypd.org

PO Christopher Ferreira Christophe.Ferreira@nypd.org

Contact Information

Precinct: (718) 495-5411
Community Affairs: (718) 495-5422
Domestic Violence: (718) 495-6205
Youth Officer: (718) 495-5426